Our winegrowing ambition at Buona Vita Cellars is to produce a wine with unique and interesting characteristics. This is a yearlong endeavor using a combination of old world and new world winemaking techniques.

First is the careful monitoring of the vines during the growing season that includes careful water management, shoot positioning, shoot thinning and crop adjusting. We are constantly watching the plants and giving them what they need, not what they want.

Second, we harvest at optimum maturity when the flavor development is what we want, not just a number achieved. We are scrupulous in our fruit sorting to insure that only the best grapes go into the small open top fermentors. There we punch down the cap twice daily for a gentle extraction of tannins and color. We constantly monitor the flavors and mouthfeel for optimum quality and to determine when to press. After the wine is pressed, it is racked to 500 L puncheons where the wine will age for a minimum of 24 months. It is bottled and further aged for 1 year before we even consider releasing the wine.

Last but not least, we leave the wine alone, allowing it to
express itself with minimal intervention.

We are a small, handcrafted artisan adventure where quality
is of the utmost importance.