About Us

Joe and Kathleen were born a long time ago in the land of swimming pools and asphalt. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Joe had no idea about grapevines and wine, or what life had in store for him. Then his life found meaning. He discovered wine. Bitten by the wine bug, Joe did the unthinkable and went back to college. While attending Fresno State, Joe would meet regularly with other students and taste many wines. It was there that Joe had an epiphany. It was a 1988 Pio Cesare Barbaresco made from the Nebbiolo grape. It was there that the idea was hatched that someday, somewhere and somehow Joe was going to work with the classic noble grape, Nebbiolo. Joe graduated with a double major in enology and horticulture and would be hired at a winery in the Dry Creek Valley. He would go on to become the winemaker and produce many award winning Zinfandels and Syrahs.

Kathleen took "stand by your man" to new heights by moving to Fresno with Joe. Working for a major beer and wine distributor, she transferred her territory to the Fresno area and continued honing her sales and marketing skills, all the while continuing to take courses with an eye toward bilingual teaching. After arriving in Healdsburg, a town she and Joe fell in love with many years earlier, she enrolled at Sonoma State University, where she completed her Teaching English as a Second Language credential. She teaches ESL at Santa Rosa Junior College part time, and works full time as Joe's assistant, which includes, but is not limited to, editor in chief, winery intern and chief critic (constructive only, of course!).

Kathleen and Joe eventually married and together they are enjoying this new chapter of their lives in Sonoma County, a classic example of two late bloomers who finally got their act together. They live with their two neurotic cats, Moose and Phoebe, and their very spoiled horse, Happy, lives nearby at boarding school.